cyclCRM paired with Deal Pack DMS ® and other integrated tools facilitate automated solutions for all of your business needs.

Multi - Location Dealerships with BDC

cyclCRM's automations and integrated tools are essential to the Multi-Location Dealership.  cyclCRM easily accommodates growth in whatever direction your business needs to go!

Automated workflows for both Sales and BDC teams for efficient lead management at all stages of the life cycle.

Prequalify leads using Rating Models to determine those to work first!

Integrated tools like Credit Application, Lead Chat and Lead Calendar increase lead capture and build prospect databases.

 Automated Car Buying, our newest feature, provides an end-to-end solution to conduct car sales online.  From the moment a lead submits an application, all steps to close the deal are easily completed online! Leads can select their vehicle, complete their paperwork, and choose a date for pickup without having to come to the dealership.

Retail/BHPH Dealership

Integrated Inventory and other key resources make the Retail and Buy Here Pay Here workflows simple.

Affordability calculator matches leads to cars automatically!

Balance updates from Deal Pack Collections allows for automated Payoff campaigns to boost repeat sales.

Automatic follow up and marketing for the entire sales funnel builds exceptional customer relationships.

Automated tools for every business

Finance Company

Lending and relationship management processes are streamlined with integrated tools and loan servicing updates from Deal Pack.

Capsa Funding Portal facilitates instant funding using automated Loan Origination tools.  Provides 24/7 accessibility to instantly review and fund loans with access to a vast retail network.

Secure fully integrated credit applications with privacy policy, electronic acknowledgments and snapshots ensure audit compliance.

Automated Scoring using the Integrated Credit Application and soft pull integrations simplifies underwriting and loan decision-making.

“cyclCRM is a super robust CRM platform that allows us to constantly be in front of our clients with multiple different touch points (emails, SMS, MMS, campaigns, etc.). We provide service to our customers on an hourly basis. cyclCRM allows us to access and interact with our customers successfully every time.”

“What I like about cyclCRM is that it’s made for dealers by dealers. cyclCRM can be integrated with your online application and if you are ready to bill out, it will import the customer info and stipulations from cyclCRM to Deal Pack.”