George Bernard Shaw once said, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”  Good customer relationship management, CRM, provides you the tools to communicate that will lead to your business’ success.  cyclCRM simplifies the way you communicate by using the data at hand to reach potential leads through use of Phone, SMS/MMS Text, Chat and Email.  Communication in CRM is one of the most important tools to convert leads, maintain relationships, and provide the best customer service.


Ease of Use

cyclCRM features the ability to make phone calls and send texts and emails straight through the system. This allows your salespeople the ability to communicate with leads quickly.  Facilitated by providing them accurate contact information within the platform – phone calls, texts and even emails can be sent at the click of a button. You can also create templates for texts and emails as well as automate their distribution. Streamlining communication allows for fast contact which yields a higher potential for converting a lead into a customer.


Just as important as quickly communicating with a customer is keeping record of it. cyclCRM does this too. Every phone call, text and email from cyclCRM displays time stamps and the salesperson who made contact. Furthermore, you can add a note pertaining to the communication. Keeping track of communication allows you to stay knowledgeable on your prospects/customers and ultimately boost lead conversion and satisfaction.

Two-Way Communication

So, your salesman can communicate with a potential customer, and make a record of the communication but, can they communicate back? Absolutely! Any customer response will generate an alert for the assigned user. The user is able to read the response and act on it quickly and accurately. With cyclCRM, no communication is missed and while keeping a record of it for the next person to easily pick up and continue the process.

An efficient CRM is one that will maximize time and improve workflows. cyclCRM’s ease of communication makes it the definition of efficient.