crm review

As 2021 ends, it is a good time to perform a CRM checkup.  This year was, in many ways, one where businesses relied more heavily on using automated processes and the data from their CRM’s. COVID’s persistence affected in person sales a lot throughout the year and those businesses who saw the least disruption were those who utilized a good CRM strategy.

When we consider what to review there are three major categories: lead capture and conversion, lead records, and usage review.  There are many other factors you can consider on top of these, but I believe reviewing these will best inform your moves for 2022.

Lead Conversion and ROI

One of the biggest indicators of success is lead conversion and profit.  Using your CRM to review these statistics helps determine if changes need to be made for the next year.  Consider your different web sources, ups, and referrals when you review these numbers.

One of the biggest indicators of success is lead conversion and profit.

There are simple reports you can run to determine how many new leads became opportunities and ultimately raised profits.  Consider this: are the services you spend money on yielding the return you expect (return on investment)?  Compare these numbers to the data gathered on traditional ups your business receives and to existing customers.  Where is most of your success coming from?  Use this data to make informed decisions on future investments and marketing strategies for the year to come.

Customer Records

In one of my last blogs, I went over how clean data is crucial to develop good quality customer relationship management.  Having all the correct lead details, contact information, and purchase info builds the customer profile in a way to help your team.

The end of the year is a great time to review these records.  If it isn’t a practice in your business to do so throughout the year, key data points you should consider are:

  • Reviewing Dead or Lost prospects and deciding if these should remain in your database
  • Managing duplicate leads to create more complete profiles
  • Reviewing any missing prospect data (emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc.)

The last of these is key for future marketing within your database but is also a gauge of your team’s performance.  When you review your prospect data, this may show consistently missing data.  This likely indicates missing steps in the sales workflow meaning you should revise workflows to ensure critical data is captured.

Overall Usage

The last type of data I recommend to review for a CRM checkup is that of your team’s usage of the CRM.  This can be judged in a few ways: from reviewing workflow and task completion to how many of the tools or features are being utilized.

CRM’s provide data on each user, and reviewing this can reveal who is performing at the level you expect. Look at how long it may take your team to convert prospects, to set appointments, and to complete tasks.

You can also ascertain if there are weaknesses in the sales process by reviewing trends.  Is there a noticeable loss of an opportunity at a certain point in the sales funnel?  This can pinpoint an area of training that is needed, or additional steps needed in the overall workflow.

Reviewing the ability of your team to complete tasks can tell you if you have the proper expectations set.  If these are do not align, now is the time to change it up!

Additionally, review if you are using (or properly using) all the features of your CRM.  CRM’s vary in what they offer and likely there are processes you could improve on.  Ask your team what they use most, or would use and ensure if you have additional features, you are seeing results using them.  If something is not used much, or you aren’t well-versed, reach out to your provider to learn more!

Before heading into the new year, do your business a favor with a CRM checkup.  Reviewing data provides insight into what works for your business and clientele.  This not only allows you to pinpoint your successes but also helps target areas of improvement.  Reviewing your last year can set you up for even more success in the new year.