In today’s world, Customer Relationship Management, CRM, should be the center of a business’ focus. A strong CRM strategy will lead to happy customers, and in turn, better sales numbers. This is especially important in the used car industry where positive relationships with current customers and potential leads can lead to lifelong consumers.

To build a great CRM strategy you will need to have the right vision and the right tools.

ABCoA offers a one-of-a-kind client management system through cyclCRM.  Its focus is to help you streamline the management process and provide the ability to reach potential customers from anywhere (even the comfort of your home). Here are just five ways cyclCRM will put your client management at ease:

All Sources Under One System

Bring in leads from any source right into cyclCRM. Whether it is outside sources or your very own credit app, leads will flow into the system and be there for you to manage.  Furthermore, custom business rules and workflows ensure no opportunity is ever missed.

Reach Out to Customers

Reach out to leads, current customers, and even your employees all under one system, whether it is calls, emails, text, or internal messages between your team.  Entire historical records facilitate consistent customer experience from any department member.

Reports and Statistics

Up-to-date reports will give you a clear vision on where your business stands in regard to sales, lead sources (ROI), or productivity on individuals, teams, and locations, among others.

CRM Dashboard

Flawless Synchronization with Deal Pack

The communication between your Deal Pack and cyclCRM is real-time and bi-directional.  This gives you the latest info on where your leads stand in the sales funnel.

Campaign Rules

Campaign rules through cyclCRM will automate communications between your team, leads, or current customers. Based on specific triggers that will execute the rule, you can set up appointment reminders, specialized messages, follow ups, and many others.  These include drip campaigns and SMS/Email blasts to segments of your database.