Digital Retail Tools

A common trend across all industries has become to digitize and move everything online. Whether it is food delivery from your favorite restaurant or groceries from your corner market, you can use your phone to order and deliver anything to your doorstep. A similar trend is also starting to creep into the car industry.  Online car retailers are entering the market and consumers are finding it easier to make their next big purchase without going to a dealership. Deciding to take your business online with digital retail tools is a huge change from the traditional business model. Deal Pack and cyclCRM are with you every step of the way to make the change (or addition) to your business model possible.  


First, a critical part of any online business is the websiteBuilding an eye-catching website that makes it easier for consumers to browse your inventory, get information, and contact you is necessary. Choosing a good website provider will ensure all these needs are met.  Additionally, you do not have to worry about your inventory being uploaded to your website. With a generic inventory upload you can have your inventory, along with their images and information, sent to your website on a daily basis. Deal Pack has custom inventory uploads made for providers such as Home Net, Auto Search, Cars for Sale, and Dealer Socket. 


Secondly, building a strong Customer Relationship Management strategy is crucial in how successful you will be as an online retailer. Deal Pack fully integrates with cyclCRM, an up-to-date client relationship management software that will make your online retailing venture possible. With cyclCRM:

  • Seamlessly bring leads into Deal Pack with your custom credit app on your website.  Potential customers fill out their application and ibecome leads for your team to follow up on.
  • Set up SMS and email templates to run automatically based on unique triggers,
  • You have comfort in knowing all your employees are staying on track through the different reports offered through the system.
  • The chat feature enables your leads to communicate in real time with you through the website,
  • The calendar feature allows them to schedule calls, test drives (or vehicle deliveries) with ease.

These are just a few highlights of cyclCRM that will help you as you look to digitalize your business model with digital retail tools. 

Digital Processing 

Lastly, once a deal converts and you are looking to finalize, processing and storing the necessary documents digitally is also a necessity. Deal Pack’s integration with DocuSign allows digital signatures to be made on all your necessary forms.  You do not have to worry about printing paperwork or setting up in person meetings with your new customer. Individual forms and form batches can be sent to your customer’s email for them to sign digitally.  They are then sent to your DocuSign Account once completed.  

Similarly, a tool that goes hand-in-hand with DocuSign is Digital Loan Jacket.  This is a digital storage solution offered through our sister company, Book It Out. With Digital Loan Jacket you are able to store PDF documents for inventory, customers, vendors, and credit apps all on the cloud. Referencing these documents is easy through the BIO website as well as Deal Pack itself, giving you all you need at your fingertips. 

These tools offered through ABCoA make it the best choice as you look to move your business online with digital retail tools. If you have any questions or would like to set up demos for any of these features, reach out to our support line at (800) 526-5832 or at