COVID forced car dealerships to evaluate their processes for persisting through and beyond the pandemic.  The big question was, “are our processes flexible and scalable enough to keep up with consumer trends?”  There was a noticeable change in car buying habits and the consumer environment entirely.  As a result, many processes migrated online as the preference moved toward eCommerce both for safety and convenience. An Integrated CRM and DMS is integral to being successful this year.

Success at the onset of the pandemic meant using digital tools already or embracing changes to get digital.  This is because consumers are online with more information than ever available to them.  Consequently, they are ready to buy and are also expected to buy more this year with our return to normalcy.  As the world returns to normal, it is expected the digital trend will persist along with a surge in the auto industry (estimates of 10%). One of the biggest solutions you can have in a digital sales climate is an Integrated CRM and DMS.

ABCoA offers many tools for an end-to-end digital experience:
  • Firstly, front-end processes using cyclCRM capturing all your leads quickly and being able to text and email with them directly through the system,
  • Secondly, Deal Pack’s integration with DocuSign allowing your paperwork to be completed by the consumer through their email –ultimately saving time by taking out antiquated steps
  • And Digital Loan Jacket to store documents throughout the entire lifecycle.
cyclCRM offers digital solutions:
  • Having leads from online sources feed directly into cyclCRM and push to Deal Pack seamlessly,
  • Using website integrations like Lead Chat and Lead Calendar to schedule virtual or at home test drives or delivery,
  • Gathering STIPS from your customers electronically and working digitally to close a deal

Regarding the expected growth in the industry, an Integrated CRM & DMS is an essential tool to keep up.  The communication between Deal Pack and cyclCRM means both systems update real time with any changes made to customer information, inventory, purchase/loan/repo information, and DP Status updates.

Most importantly, an Integrated CRM and DMS ensures no piece of information falls through the cracks. Having current and the most up to date information lets cyclCRM work around the clock for you.  Setting up drips to reach out to customers at certain points in their life cycle is only effective with the correct information:

cyclCRM Automatic Drips
  • Follow up after purchases,
  • Send monthly/yearly greetings,
  • Inform customers when it is time for a new vehicle,
  • Send maintenance reminders or coupons,
  • Send review links and information on Friends and Family programs, etc.

In conclusion, if analysts are correct; the digital sales trend is here to stay, and the auto industry is going to grow this year.  Set your business up for success. An Integrated CRM and DMS like cyclCRM and Deal Pack provides an end-to-end solution scalable enough to handle any sales environment.