cyclCRM is constantly improving and changing to keep up with the current consumer environment and it is fully integrated with Deal Pack – a world class real time accounting DMS.

Our Product Specialist operates out of Jacksonville, FL alongside other knowledgeable support department members. You may reach the support team Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM EST.  There is unlimited FREE online training when you need it!
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If you can provide us with detailed data exports, we can bring your old and current lead data into cyclCRM. Our dedicated conversion team will work with you to ensure accuracy.

Our friendly Product Specialist is just a toll-free call away, 800-526-5832.  She, and all the cyclCRM team are always ready to answer any questions you may have or schedule you for a Demo of the system as you consider this solution for your business.

cyclCRM is FULLY integrated with the DMS, Deal Pack. Lead sources may be set up with your account specialist to pull in any lead data from sources like and Autotrader.  cyclCRM has built-in Bookvalues on inventory and social media inventory posting through Facebook and Twitter.  Additionally, a fully Integrated Credit Application, Appointment scheduler, and Lead Chat are provided for your website at no additional cost!

Absolutely! Please call toll-free 800-526-5832 or SCHEDULE A DEMO today!

cyclCRM provides a driver’s license scanner for quick entry or manual entry for walk ups.  Internet leads will be dispersed to their appropriate departments, teams, locations or users to begin working.

Set up your locations to see only their leads, appointments, customers, etc. but all under one rooftop! Share vehicle inventory information between dealerships to prevent lost sales.  A shared rooftop means you, as an Admin, will be able to search for customer information for any duplicate entry and then have everything necessary to either close the deal or see pertinent information on that lead.

cyclCRM is very easily navigated with:

    • Dashboard module with appointment and lead metrics data at a glance,
    • Lead Management to view and filter leads simply,
    • Live Chat module to access your Chat Room and Archived Chats,
    • Inventory directly linked to your DealPack inventory,
    • Reports and analytics on the productivity of your business
    • Administrative module for setup, maintenance, and miscellaneous items,
    • and cyclCRM University which is a built-in support feature that covers all the functions!

Our CRM is a completely web-based platform whereby you may use it on any desktop, laptop, tablet or cellphone with a login unique to your business account.

Returns vary from one company to the next but customers are able to achieve their goals with cyclCRM by accelerating and streamlining the sales process. cyclCRM provides many tools outside of lead management, however; the benefits all stem from having detailed touchpoints in one easily accessed place. For sales specifically, being able to build on your customer base with efficiency between departments, reduction in “lost” leads and increased customer service will lead to increased profitability.

There are email, SMS and MMS blast capabilities or drip campaigns which can use lists easily created in your Lead Manager or are triggered along the lifecycle.

  • You feel your process is antiquated – you lose information because you have no system in place to keep track of things.
  • Either your team works closely together, or they do not. Both dynamics will benefit from a CRM.
  • You cannot find information you need quickly on customers to close deals or find their history easily.
  • Your business is growing, or you are anticipating growth.
  • Your customers do not have a good relationship with your dealership – you do not have as many return customers as you would like.

Each user is given a specific access level in cyclCRM whereby you can limit what prospect information they can see and/or export, individual logins, and as an Admin you are able to see reports on their usage and track any unusual logins with IP Address and location information provided.

CRM is a business strategy with goals in acquiring, developing, and retaining customers. cyclCRM can help you from lead origination through the sales process and after by being a tool for each part of the customer’s lifecycle with your business.

cyclCRM tracks the customer’s information, any communication touchpoints, sales and collections activity from Deal Pack, and can be set up with innumerable automatic campaigns and features to handle many administrative tasks so your team can focus on closing sales.

Using the digital loan jacket within cyclCRM, your salesman can scan in any documents, and also receive them via SMS or email from the prospect. Documents are stored on each individual prospect page and are easily accessed at any time.

Yes!  cyclCRM offers custom enhancements on a per customer basis, but there are monthly upgrades included at no cost!