Customer Relationship Management for Every Business Need

Flexible enough to grow with you and your business, cyclCRM is customer relationship management now and for the future.  We understand your business requires the best tools in order to be successful.  cyclCRM is relationship management software built exactly to meet your needs.  cyclCRM, alongside Deal Pack, provides you an end-to-end solution.  Learn about some of the features below.

If you have any questions about any of the features, or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mobile Optimization

Add and edit leads, view reports, current inventory, manage teams and edit workflows conveniently from your mobile or handheld device. Reduce work by knowing any information you add will update Deal Pack automatically.

Automated Car Buying

A fully integrated solution for online car buying. This tool facilitates a simple digital buying experience for your customer. A uniquely Curated Inventory webpage displays Affordable Vehicles to prospects via text or email per custom campaigns. Execute the entire car buying process online, effortlessly. Ask us how!

Integrated Web Applications

Customize a fully integrated credit application with all the fields you need to evaluate applicants and drive your sales process quicker. There are two versions available to use and multiple customizations that can be done to meet your needs.

Emailing & Text Messaging

Two-way communications right from your work screen within cyclCRM. No more using personal emails or phone numbers. Each communication, inbound & outbound, is timestamped.

Custom Campaign Marketing

Target your desired audience with custom campaign lists, set up automated follow up throughout the buying cycle, and effectively build customer rapport effortlessly. Sales and collection activity from Deal Pack triggers campaigns which boosts repeat sales activity.

Instant Funding Portal

Capsa provides streamlined loan origination tools from integrated credit applications to automated scoring. Secure funding for your deals quickly and easily with full integration to Deal Pack loan servicing.

Lead Dispersal

Use unique ADF lead emails, source assignments and round robin based on individual users, groups, teams, departments or locations to get leads where they need to be. Get prospects to the correct person every time and see quicker conversion results.

Deal Pack Integration

Collections and sales activity updated in real-time. Available inventory and changes to any lead details synced between the two systems. Simplify your BHPH operations with an all-in-one dealer ecosystem.

Website Integrations

Lead generation through cyclCRM Lead Chat & Appointment Scheduler linked on your website. Also, create short form lead capture forms using the Integrated Credit Application.

Strategic Data Mining

Pinpoint your most profitable prospects using tools like Lead Manager, different reports, and data provided on your customer database from Deal Pack to see the exact data you need to make informed decisions.

Click to Call

Reach prospects quicker. Make instant calls with a single click through a VOIP or on your mobile device. No complicated set-up.

Prospect Management

Manage leads from any source, easily. Automatically merge duplicates to maintain a clean customer list. Track all sales rep activity and ROI. Automate customer interaction with custom workflows. Manage compliance for your customer base. Receive notifications for appointments, untouched prospects, and more.

Data Conversions

Data conversion is offered to customers during the transition from their current software to cyclCRM. Conversions may vary from extensive to simplistic. We have the ability to convert all data types, enabling you to bring over critical information from previous software packages while mitigating data loss.

Automated Tasks & Workflows

Customize your processes to increase sales productivity. Create daily, weekly, and future tasks based on your customer lifecycle using triggers and automations. Unify your business practices and develop best practices through custom setup.

Customizable & Flexible

Free monthly upgrades, custom changes to credit app, and add or modify features to your specific needs. Scalable to accommodate business growth and handle multiple locations under one rooftop. User accounts given the specific access they need. Personalized views reduce distraction and focus your team's efforts on their leads.

Driver License Scanner

Easily capture prospect information using your mobile device to take a picture! Decodes all pertinent information into the user profile.

Robust Reporting

View historical and real time statistics on your customers along with data on your teams’ productivity for better informed management and marketing decisions. Drive accountability of your team with productivity reports and evaluate marketing spending with lead sources reports.

Easy to Use

Simple interfaces and intuitive processes, cyclCRM is easily learned by your team. Straight forward navigation makes it simple to enter leads, complete tasks, review reports, and view necessary information on leads. Access everything you need for daily tasks straight from the Dashboard.

Team Collaboration

With centralized information from all departments available, your team can pick up with a lead at any time to successfully close deals or follow-up. Build better relationships with your clients and reduce communication errors between your teams.


Developed with many business types in mind, cyclCRM easily accommodates existing BDC workflows or allows for custom processes to be set up. Assignments and alerts can be first routed to the BDC and then easily passed to your sales team.