Using automation to increase sales is the sign of a successful CRM.  Avoiding mundane tasks allows salesman to focus on their sales efforts.  Automated CRM functions benefit all parts of your BHPH/LHPH business.  The overarching goal of sales automation within a CRM is to maximize profits.  This is accomplished by taking advantage of campaigns and other automatic settings at each stage of sales funnel.

Never Miss a Lead

First, we must consider automations that are important when a prospect is new.  When a lead is added to your CRM this typically indicates they are looking and ready.  cyclCRM has many automatic features to make sure this lead is captured and engaged.  Automatic verification messages and subsequent campaigns can be sent out to initiate conversations.  Timing is everything for a prospect who has started their buying process.  cyclCRM alerts you and automatically follows up when leads are not worked in a timely manner.

Future Follow Up

Working with leads results a few different outcomes.  The most common are either converting a prospect to a customer or not converting them initially.  For those in the latter category, an effective CRM should be able to handle admin functions directed towards inactive leads.  cyclCRM allows you to create drips which contact leads after being in the system for a certain number of days if not sold.  There are many benefits to having your CRM focus on these leads.  For instance, allowing your salespeople to invest their energy in more likely prospects.

Furthermore, with the automation capabilities of cyclCRM, you can successfully mine new customers from your current database.  Sending referral requests and review links at specific points in the customer’s lifecycle can guarantee more business.

Marketing Strategies

Having a 360-degree view of customers provides for more accurate lead nurturing and mining. Devising and implementing marketing strategies based on lead sources and along the lead’s lifecycle is key.  Businesses see more lead conversion from creating unique templates and drips for distinctive subsets of prospects.  Additionally, with cyclCRM’s integration to Deal Pack®, there is an added benefit of being able to market to Sold customers when their loan is paid off, automatically.

Focus Sales Efforts

As mentioned before, one benefit to having automations is to alleviate work for salespersons.  This is achieved both through automations in the CRM, but with cyclCRM’s integration with Deal Pack®, it can be seen by reducing double entry.  Time is freed up to focus on making more sales:

  • This can be accomplished by having automated communications when leads are entered
  • Automatic appointment reminders or SMS/Emails sent when appointments do not show
  • Work Plans detailing when and how leads should be reached out to
  • cyclCRM provides an Integrated Credit App where the prospect can enter all their info
  • The integration with Deal Pack® means no reentering information on a deal at the DMS – all critical details are sent automatically
  • With Deal Pack® sending purchase and balance information to cyclCRM, this also means no extra work to update the lead to Sold or remove a vehicle from inventory at the CRM

These are just some of the benefits to using automation to increase sales.  It starts with effectively capturing opportunities, nurturing prospects at each critical stage, and maintaining positive relationships.  At each step, there are automatic functions you can take advantage of with cyclCRM.