Tracking Sales Success

“You are what your record says you are,” is true not only in football, but in any performance-based business. Your sales team writes its own record and Deal Pack along with cyclCRM makes it easy to track processes and performance. Here are a few tools to tracking sales success and improving a sales team’s record:

Manage and Measure Sales Activity Daily

Perform daily check-ins to spot problems before they negatively affect sales. In cyclCRM you can make sure your employees follow-up and interact with leads. Then inside Deal Pack, you can run the Daily Sales report to see all Sales for a specific day.

Focus on the Present

Take pride in past sales, but don’t focus on the past. Make this month your best month because everyday is a chance to improve a record.

Enable Multi-Channel Customer Communications

Go beyond emails and phone calls. cyclCRM allows your salesmen to text leads and customers directly from the website. This also allows you to track the messages that are being sent out and received.

Hold Daily Meetings

Meet as a team and one-on-one to review activities and current records of the sales team. In cyclCRM you can pull the Activity and Productivity reports for the salesmen. Show them where they stand and how they can improve to boost their confidence and increase productivity, holding them accountable by meeting every day.

Using your Deal Pack software along with cyclCRM will help you gain a better grasp on your team’s performance now and in the future by tracking sales success.