How will cyclCRM benefit your business?

*Statistics on CRM effectiveness


Increase in Sales Productivity


ROI* per $1 spent

*return on investment


Increase in Overall Sales


Boost in Customer Retention


Increase in Lead Conversion Rate

With proper CRM implementation

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About cyclCRM

Simple customer relationship management, available across all devices.

Powered by ABCoA

Collaborative data from all of your prospect and customer databases to maximize your business’ ROI, profit, and retention.

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ABCoA adds cyclCRM as part of an all-in-one BHPH ecosystem.

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Always in Sync

Organized data on each prospect submitted from credit apps on your website, as well as from all other sources.  Seamless flow from cyclCRM with data pushed to Deal Pack as part of a complete dealer ecosystem. Additionally, sales and collection activity in Deal Pack updates cyclCRM in real-time.

Two-Way Communication

Manage all leads, from all sources, in one place.  Send and receive emails and text messages directly from cyclCRM along with Live Chat and One-click Calling.  Web-based & mobile optimization allows seamless use across all devices.

Build Effective Strategies to Create Lifetime Customers

360-Degree View of Customer Lifecycles
Everything needed to develop successful strategies to attract and retain customers for life. All touchpoints and interactions stored in an easy to navigate profile help cultivate and manage relationships.

Insights & Reporting

Evaluate your CRM database to maximize ROI, profit and user productivity. Real-time data on key performance metrics gathered from customer and prospect databases.

Fully Automated and Completely Integrated

Marketing triggered throughout the lead lifecycle effectively converts prospects to sales and simplifies customer service with automated follow-up. Never miss an opportunity with automated notifications and processes. Track all user activity and automate workflow within the sales pipeline.

Unify All Departments

From lead origination to sale - omnichannel views of your prospects facilitate frictionless customer interactions with your business. Create a better customer experience and generate more repeat customers by building better rapport.

Improve Efficiency

Uncomplicated front-end sales process with two-way integration to Deal Pack reduces your work. This integration generates new sales from existing customers and streamlines your processes.

Scalable & Customizable

Tools for any size dealership or group to succeed. A customizable and fully Integrated Credit Application, Lead Chat and Appointment Scheduler for your website. Custom enhancements as your needs and business evolve.

Free training and support from a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff. We are committed to the needs and success of our customers and provide automatic, free monthly upgrades.