The most successful BHPH and subprime finance companies are those who know the value of integrated tools.  Streamlining processes from the front- end simplifies subsequent steps and has limitless benefits.  cyclCRM, used congruently with Deal Pack, has numerous tools to help your business succeed.

Integrated Credit App

In the past year, most of the used car industry business now starts online.  Consumers find online processes to be safer, simpler, and achieves their goal of finding what they need.  They look at your website, find something they are interested in, and then start the buying process.  One tool that is designed to accommodate this transition to online buying is the Integrated Credit App.

Fully integrated and customized to your business needs, this tool allows all information to update cyclCRM and then push to Deal Pack.  Standard lead emails are limited in the information that can be sent, but using the Integrated Application ALL submitted information is received:

  • Social Security Numbers,
  • Driver License information,
  • Current and past employment and residence information,
  • Income and expenses,
  • Reference details,
  • And even images or documents for STIPS!

Website Integrations

Furthermore, cyclCRM not only delivers simple lead management, but provides lead generation tools for websites.  Lead Chat and Lead Calendar are two additional tools that help capture more leads for prospect databases.  Each is a short form that captures lead name and contact information automatically creating a lead page to begin working.

Lead Chat through cyclCRM helps provide the best customer service to inquiries to your website.  Lead Calendar is an appointment request form which, when customized, disperses leads to your different locations.  Subsequently, both of these provide the prospect options on your website to contact you as they like, while also building your database for future marketing.

Simplifying your sales process is accomplished in many ways on the front-end through tools with cyclCRM.  In addition to custom integrations, cyclCRM also has automated processes, focused marketing strategies, customizable workflows, and so much more.  Check out more information Here

DMS Integration

Next, another “tool” to discuss is DMS integration with Deal Pack.  cyclCRM is the only CRM fully integrated with Deal Pack, an all-in-one software for BHPH dealerships and finance companies. Any leads added to cyclCRM are sent to Deal Pack with all the credit information needed to make informed decisions.  A major benefit from this is no double entry and it reduces errors. Furthermore, changes made to the credit application or customer information in Deal Pack then immediately updates cyclCRM.  This provides the most up-to-date and relevant information even after the sale is made.

Deal Pack also updates cyclCRM of Sales and Collection activity in real-time. As payments are made, balances in cyclCRM are updated. This is a significant tool because cyclCRM can alert salesmen and automatically reach out to customers when a specified balance is met.  Securing more sales from existing customers boosts your profits!  Moreover, if customers become delinquent on their payments, are repoed, or are marked as habitual offenders – Deal Pack will immediately update cyclCRM.  This assists with marketing and future follow up ensuring your salesman have all pertinent information on customers.

Other Integrations

There are other integrations between cyclCRM and Deal Pack which simplify and streamline your processes.  One additional example is inventory updates.  Price, down payment, vehicle status, and location are some of the details that are updated as they are changed in Deal Pack. Once a vehicle is sold, it is removed from available inventory automatically as well. For more information on how Deal Pack and cyclCRM work together, please visit

Being successful in the subprime automotive industry is largely attributed to how effective your CRM and DMS solutions are.  The most successful businesses are those that take advantage of integrated tools provided by end-to-end solutions like cyclCRM and Deal Pack.