Instant funding and preapprovals facilitated with an easy-to-use portal.

Secure Data Transfer

cyclCRM securely transfers all information, including electronic documents and stips stored in their Digital Document Vault, from the seller's DMS to the buyer's LMS.  By minimizing human touch and third-party exports, you increase security and reduce legal risks related to consumer data.

Scalable to your Needs

AWS hosting ensures survivability of your data and there are no worries about outgrowing your LOS.  As part of ABCoA's subprime product solutions , any direction your company takes can be accommodated.  This includes preapprovals and instant funding for point of sale, seasoned or portfolio purchases, floorplans, and consumer loans along with integrated tools to easily facilitate.

Meet Customer's Expectations

Integrated solution provides the subprime industry better customer and user experiences with an end-to-end software ecosystem.  Eliminate friction in the customer experience by providing users incredible performance improvements.

Instant Funding Solution

State-of-the-art funding solutions connects sellers and lenders instantly.  cyclCRM's loan origination tools can automate preapproval, acceptance, or rejection based on dynamic scoring models and integrations, enabling lenders to fund deals in real-time.  Real-time alerts on funding statuses ensure complete visibility into portfolios.

Lender Solutions

Real-Time Funding

View deals from sellers that meet your lending criteria, and accept the deal, modify terms, or reject the deal entirely. cyclCRM's loan origination tools can automate preapproval, acceptance, or rejection based on dynamic scoring models and integrations, enabling lenders to fund deals in real-time.

Better Business

Taking the funding process digital will reduce processing time, enhance operations, improve profitability and efficiency across the loan lifecycle along with better customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Processes

Streamline processes by harnessing the power of cyclCRM's automation tools and complete integration with Deal Pack.  Create automated scoring models and custom workflows to enhance operations.

Performance Improvements

Dynamic underwriting decisions at scale.  Capsa plus automated scoring in cyclCRM provides a complete loan origination solution for subprime lenders.

"By building an integrated ecosystem with next-generation technology, we have created superior customer experiences and enabled far greater operational efficiencies and profitability for used car dealers and lenders."

-Tomasz Jablonski, Distinguished Software Architect of ABCoA

Dealer Solutions

Get Funded Faster

Business is handled expediently and in a compliant manner with DMS integration. For sellers (dealers), cyclCRM takes the consumer's credit app, or complete deal information from the integrated DMS, and broadcasts it to buyers on Capsa Funding Portal.  Get funded faster with access to a growing network of lenders.

Cost-Effective Funding Solution

Capsa is the most cost-efficient platform for used car dealerships to connect to a variety of auto lenders. It improves productivity, security and accuracy, while reducing costs associated with funding deals. With the basic ($99/month) subscription to cyclCRM, dealers can fund a deal on Capsa for $0.50 and lenders can for $50.

Better Experience

Simplify what is historically the most troublesome part of the retail industry by getting your deals funded quickly.  Create a better F&I experience than ever before.  Eliminate friction in the customer experience.

Reduce Work

Reduce double-entry and errors. Seamless DMS integration allows for easy import of finalized deals from lender with all changes already made, saving your dealership valuable time.