JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (ABCoA) is a 40-year-old tech company that develops software exclusively for used car dealerships and subprime finance companies. ABCoA’s software solutions provide total operational control to dealers and lenders, ensuring efficient, expedient, secure, and compliant business operations. ABCoA is known for developing the gold standard of dealership and loan management software: Deal Pack. Furthering its complete software ecosystem, ABCoA launched cyclCRM nearly ten years ago – a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and loan origination software (LOS) with an instant funding portal (Capsa).


cyclCRM provides all the customary CRM and LOS features, and goes further to provide automated scoring and decisioning, dynamic workflows, and automated omni-channel communications to help users achieve 10x productivity. The newest features in cyclCRM include enhanced email analytics and performance reports, bank connect, geolocation, and subdomains for improved branding, targeting, and intelligence.

  • Email analytics track the performance of email marketing campaigns with actionable insights, such as open, click-through, bounce, and conversion rates, that automatically trigger follow-up actions. Real-time data visualization helps to identify trends, evaluate campaign effectiveness, and fine-tune strategies for maximum impact.
  • One of the new performance reports, the Daily Checkout Report, offers a detailed snapshot of each employee’s productivity and KPIs. A separate performance report tracks lead opportunities to improve revenue forecasting. Consistent with ABCoA’s belief, “Your data is your data,” cyclCRM offers one-click full data exports for personal consumption.
  • Bank Connect is a breakthrough tool that allows lenders to retrieve banking data to confirm bank balances, income, expenses, free cash flow, and more. Bank Connect enables lenders to make informed decisions based on the most accurate and recent banking information available.
  • Custom scoring models with automated decisioning improve underwriting by minimizing human touch, increasing speed, and ensuring compliant business operations. cyclCRM prioritizes data security, utilizing state-of-the-art encryption protocols and connections, to protect sensitive financial information and reduce legal risks related to consumer data.
  • Geolocation improves both marketing and collections efforts in never-before-seen ways.
  • Subdomains improve branding and effectiveness with personalized URLs and email addresses.

cyclCRM is a top CRM and LOS application that offers user-friendly design, seamless integration, and innovative features. cyclCRM works as one with the DMS and LMS to enhance operations and eliminate friction in the customer experience, providing subprime dealerships and finance companies incredible performance improvements from smart automation across the board. cyclCRM helps companies increase revenue, reduce expenses, and stay compliant and secure.

cyclCRM also has a special offer: A 12-month free trial of the CRM and LOS, with fees only for ancillary features such as text messaging or credit pulls.  After the trial, pricing starts at $99 per month and includes four users. cyclCRM is a customizable platform that fuels growth, profits, and cost-savings; take the concern of cost off the table and move onto putting the best software in place for your business. Visit cyclCRM.com or call 800-526-5832 to learn more.